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Office Location 

The office is located at 6239 Cheviot Road. 

The office is on the first floor. Please park in the front of the building and come in the front door.  The office is between St James and Hyde's Lanes. There are five American flags flying in front of the building. 

Maps to each location can be found on the Office Directions page. 

Record Release Forms

Due to the large number of requests for the Record Release form I am placing a link to the form on my homepage. Just click the link below and you will be directed to the form that can be downloaded and filled out. 

Records Release Form - so that other doctors can send your records to me. 

Personal Best HealthSM, LLC is a practice in Internal Medicine that was started in 2004 by Matthew G Schuermann, MD. Dr. Schuermann was forced to re-examine his practice and future in medicine when his long-time partner resigned from their two-person group (Dr. Kolb & Schuermann, Inc.). He has decided to form a new business that will allow him to provide excellent medical care for his patients -- despite the chaos of healthcare in the United States. He feels that he can help his patient attain their "best health" and can do so in a personalized manner. 

My Mission

The mission of Personal Best HealthSM, LLC is to partner with patients to help them attain the best health that they can. This goal will be accomplished by using modern information, testing and treatments delivered in a personal manner. 

Company Profile

The solo practice in Internal Medicine was started in 2004 by Matthew G Schuermann, MD. More information about Dr. Schuermann can be found on his biography page (click on his name). 

The company is dedicated to providing the benefits of modern medicine (tests, treatments, procedures, etc.) in an innovative manner that stresses personal interaction. Patients will not feel hurried or rushed in the office and all of their needs will be addressed. Patients can also get appointments quickly and easily as well. 

Dr. Schuermann is in solo practice (no partners) and has had to limit the scope of his practice in order to be able to provide efficient care for each patient time after time. He will make appropriate referrals to healthcare professionals in the community. 

Contact Information

General contact information is shown below.  

Postal address
6239 Cheviot Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45247
Electronic mail
There are no current plans to reactivate E-mail communication.  


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