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I started Personal Best HealthSM, LLC to provide excellent, state-of-the art medical care in an atmosphere that is comfortable and relaxed. Unfortunately, this idea sounds much like the current concept of "boutique" or "concierge" medicine, where physicians charge a yearly fee to provide more services to a small group of patients. I am not charging patients a fee. 

Access and Interaction

Access to the office and to the physician is critical in order for excellent health care to be delivered. For this reason, patients will have multiple ways to contact the physician: telephone, cellular phone, fax and secure e-mail. 

I worked hard to maintain same-day appointments at my former practice and will continue to do so. The smaller staff at Personal Best HealthSM, LLC will also improve access problems and decrease problems with interaction.  


I have always been committed to keeping up with current developments in medicine. I am excited to be using a computerized record in the office. Information can also be shared more easily with consulting physicians and hospitals to assist in your care. 


Although I had not planned on changing my practice at this time, I am truly excited about the opportunity to create a model practice that best serves my patients. I feel that the practice will be energizing and fun for patients and staff. 

I am very comfortable and happy to practice Internal Medicine. I have no plans to become a hospital doctor or make any other major career changes. I consider it a privilege to care for patients and will continue to do my best to provide the care that allows patients to reach their Personal Best HealthSM


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Last modified: June 24, 2008