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Prescription medication has become one of the largest ongoing expenditures for patients in the United States. Many seniors have no prescription drug benefits. Patients that do have benefits are seeing prescriptions become more expensive and more restricted year after year. The sites below offer assistance to patients and may be of help for patients. 
Financial Assistance with Medications
There are a number of programs that have been established to help patients get financial assistance with prescription medications. The amount of assistance varies by program as do the financial requirements. The following sites provide information. 
The Medicare site (follow the link below) now has an interactive tool that will help patients decide how to get the best discount/deal on medications. 
Program Sponsor Telephone #
Indigent Patient Services IPS 727-821-7333
Orange Card GlaxoSmithKline 888-672-6436
Lilly Cares Card Eli LIlly 877-795-4559
CareCard Novartis 866-974-2273
Share Card Pfizer 800-717-6005
Together Rx Card Multiple  800-865-7211
Medicare Drug Card Medicare
Drugs From Canada
Many patients will not qualify for assistance from drug companies for medication. One alternative more patient are turning to are medications from Canada.
The physician cannot endorse one site over another and cannot recommend whether or not an individual uses an online pharmacy. The following sites are provided for information purposes only. 


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